2017 - 2018 Rates

All dog walks and feline visits are 20 minutes
Poultry and Exotic care is also available.

Weekday Rates
Monday - Friday
10am - 2pm
2pm - 10am CLOSED

Regular Weekday Hours
10am - 2pm
$18.00 for a walk for the first dog
$2.00 for each additional dog

$18.00 for a litter box change and cat visit
$2.00 for each additional cat

After-Hour Weekday Rates
Our service closes at 2 pm Monday - Friday
We do not have availability for ongoing before and after hours walks. If you need continual or semi-regular after-hours walks, I would suggest one of the bigger companies with many employees.

$25.00 per walk/visit for the first dog or cat.
$5.00 for each additional dog, $2.00 for each additional cat

All day Saturday and Sunday
We are CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday.

We are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day

Due to the onslaught of bank fees imposed on small businesses, going forward we will be cash (paper) only. I apologize for any inconvenience the banks have caused.

If you Like it then you Should put a Tag on it.

I have added a very simple requirement to my service. ALL dogs must have current id tags on their collars. 5,500 dogs a day are euthanized - many of them pets - because they couldn't find their way back home. That beautiful collar is only a fashion statement if it doesn't have a tag on it. A chip is a great back-up if the collar comes off. Many people out there still don't know what this "chip thing" is. They do not know to take a lost pup to the vet to get it scanned. Does the organization have a universal scanner that will even pick up your chip? Old school is easy. A tag with current phone number is all you need. Hate the sound of it dangling? There are now little rubber things that go around the tag to silence it.
Where to get a tag you ask? It's easier than ever now. Petco has a machine and you can get a simple cheap tag or a super fancy one. Lost Dogs of Illinois will send the tag directly to your house so you don't even have to go out. For....wait for it...$5 (which includes shipping).

Don't have the time to do either? That's what I'm here for. I will order you a tag, have it shipped to your house and bill you for it. Just leave me a note. I am happy to do it.